Luxury Rocks is a division of IceLab, featuring Artisanal Cocktail Ice designed for cocktail connoisseurs and the professionals who serve them.

Hand-cut Artisanal Cocktail Ice

Hand-cut artisanal ice elevates the taste and presentation of premium spirits. Perfectly clear spheres, cubes, and collins complement every cocktail. Each cube is an invitation to slow down and savor the swirl.

Extra dense. Extra clear. Extraordinary.

When taste matters, choose Luxury Rocks.

About Luxury Rocks

Slow-melting and free of particulates and minerals, our oversized cubes elevate the delicate notes of premium spirits and the cocktail-savoring experience.

Each sphere, square, or collins spear is hand-carved from crystal-clear blocks of ice created in a Clinebell freezer. We attain the perfect clarity and density by using filtered water. Each block takes three days to form.

Dazzling clarity. Superior taste. Extraordinary experience.

Cocktail Ices Portfolio

When your customer chooses craft cocktails, choose custom ice for a superior experience.

Standard Cocktail Ice

  • 2.50″ Spheres.
  • 2” Cubes
  • 4.5″ Collins
  • Cold Draft Bag Cubes

Custom and Engraved Cubes

  • Colored Logos
  • Monograms
  • Stamps
  • Custom Marks

Infused Cubes

  • Herbal
  • Edible Floral
  • Citrus
  • Custom
Packaging & Delivery
  • Luxury Rocks are packaged 8 spheres or 12 squares to a box
  • Master cases contain 10 sets of 8 spheres or 12 cubes (80 or 120 cubes)
  • Minimum order for delivery is two master cases
  • Ice Lab delivers in the DMV on Wednesday and Thursday; orders must be placed by Monday at 5:00pm for delivery that week. We deliver to the Baltimore Metro area on Wednesdays and DC/Capital MD/NoVA on Thursdays.
Pick Up
  • Luxury Rocks or cold draft ice can be ordered, paid for and picked up directly from our dock or freezer
  • Order here
  • Luxury Rocks can be shipped FedEx overnight to anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • Orders are shipped Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for delivery the following day