Modern. Ice. Sculpting.

From exquisitely engraved cocktail ice and dazzling sculptures, to enchanting winter festivals and elegant private events, Ice Lab is your premier source for custom ice sculptures and cubes.

Whether you desire artisanal ice for the ultimate slow-sipping cocktail, or a flawlessly executed sculpture to mark a special occasion or milestone event, we have the expertise and experience to make your celebration extraordinary.

Our Capabilities

With creative vision, steady hands and trusted tools, we meld science and art to transform frozen water to perfection:

  • Cutting perfect cocktail cubes
  • Carving larger-than-life sculptures
  • Chiseling logos and monograms
  • Creating art from a canvass of ice

Our Customers

We proudly serve thousands of corporate, community, hospitality and private clients including:

  • Five-Star Resorts & Restaurants
  • Caterers, Special Event Producers & Wedding Planners
  • Craft Cocktail Bars & Lounges
  • Entertainment Venues & Attractions
  • Corporations and Nonprofits
  • Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Discriminating Individuals

Our Process

The Art & Science of Ice Sculpting

Our laboratory

We start by understanding your vision – from a ‘back-of-the-napkin sketch’ to an inspiring photo or drawing – transforming ideas into reality.

Next is the design phase. Similar to an architect or engineer, we develop a concept and create a digital rendering that guides our creative process.

Our building blocks are 300-pound masses of crystal clear ice created in a special machine called a Clinebell, located at our production plant in Maryland. 

Taking single blocks and fusing them together, the ice becomes our sculptors’ canvas.

Power and hand tools – chainsaws, routers, grinders, chippers and chisels – are used to create shapes, cut angles, form edges and smooth surfaces.

Each sculpture is then numbered, boxed and safely transported in specially designed freezer trucks to your event destination where the final touches are applied. On-site, our expert technicians use brushes to create texture and blow torches to melt ice and form a polished and finished sculpture.