Our Process

With dazzling clarity and superior taste, our large colllins, squares and spears are hand-carved from a 300-pound block of crystal-clear ice. These extraordinary oversized cubes elevate the delicate notes of premium spirits and the cocktail savoring

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Our Process

We invite customers to complete a brief online form so we can assign the appropriate customer service representative to your project.

The form helps you provide key information including, desired product, event date, design concept, budget, delivery location, and contact information.

Our customer service team reviews each request and prepares a preliminary quote based on the design, number of blocks and delivery location.

We can schedule an online meeting, conference call or site visit, if needed, to discuss your project

A 50% deposit due at the time of (contract, invoice, etc.). Balance is due in advance or the day of the delivery.

when would we send a drawing to approve?

We deliver and set up 95% of our ice sculptures. A small number – mostly luges, cocktail ice and one-block sculptures – are picked up by the customer from our Glen Burnie or Cambridge location.

What to say about established customers who have accounts?

Ice Lab delivers each sculpture approximately one hour before the event begins. Exact details are outlined individually based on the nature of the sculpture and site logistics.