Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ice Luge?

An ice luge is a

What are the different styles of ice luges?

There are xx main styles of luges.

Can any sculpture be made into an ice luge?

What does an ice sculpture cost?

One block sculptures start at $750 for delivered. If the sculpture is multiple blocks, the price is calculated at $600 per block.

What happens to the water when an ice sculpture melts?

The sculptures are set up in a drain tray which empties into a bucket that is provided with the drain gear

How are ice sculptures made?

How long does an ice sculpture last?

Typically they last 4-5 hours.  All depends on the placement. Inside or out and

How do ice carvers make clear ice?

We use Clinebell block makers which freezes from the bottom up and we use pumps to circulate the water during the freezing process which keeps it clear

How much does an ice sculpture weigh?

A typical one block sculpture is roughly 225-250 lbs


We have multiple designs that Chris has programmed over the years

What do you charge for delivery?

Delivery is included for locations within a 75 mile radius of Ice Lab’s Cambridge or Glen Burnie locations. Locations outside of this range will incur a $4 per mile charge for … (Anything over 75 is $4.00 per mile one way)

Adding Color?

We can add color for $50 per block

Type of artwork?

 Vector or Png files are the best

How far in advance should I order my ice sculpture?

The more time the better. We can typically produce within a few days for added $ for the rush fee

Where should an ice sculpture be placed?

Place an ice sculpture away from any heat source or direct sunlight.

How will ice sculpture be delivered? 

Ice Lab delivers our sculptures in branded refrigerated trucks.

What is a freezer drop?

This is when we drop off to the client in their freezer and they take the responsibility of setting the sculpture up